Hello world!

Hello folks,

As this is my first ever post I thought I’d keep it short and sweet.

I live on the South Coast of England with an obsessive compulsive bathroom and kitchen cleaner (who will be known on here as Other Half or OH for short) who is as we speak, scrubbing something ceramic upstairs, and my wickedly crazy, completely self-obsessed, spoilt (I know this is my fault and not his…) Bengal cat Jethro, of which I’m sure I’ll have many many rants about in the future as he likes to keep me on my toes!

So, that’s a bit about where and who I live with, shall I say more about myself? Hmm… No. I’m sure if you don’t know me already you soon will. By following this blog I will give you access to the deepest darkest depths of my inner psyche and you will know me better than I dare to know myself. So no, not a single piece of info about me in this post…

I sincerely hope you stick around to read my rants, likes, dislikes (for these are not always the same as rants) stories and other wordy-ephemera.

Have a lovely day and I shall type soon!


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