Valentines Day Craft Ideas!

I’ve found some wonderful DIY Valentines Day gifts and crafts and wanted to share them here. Some people don’t like the idea of all that commercialism and money-making in retail around this time of year but if you make-it-yourself then there should be no reason not to really enjoy a good excuse to spoil someone you love!

This amazing idea comes from the very talented Amy Huntley at theidearoom. For the tutorial see

Absolutely smashing Valentine Subway Art from todaysfabulousfinds. The download can be found at-

I’d love to see more Subway Art, if you have a design you’d like to share then drop me an email to let me know!

This really cute Printable is courtesy of Oopsey Daisy, you’ll find it here in different colour ways-

There’s so many ways you can use these printables, they’re just so versatile. Here they’ve been used as a framed piece and as sweet Valentines Cards!

I Love this alternative idea for Valentines Cards/Gifts! It’s such a quirky and toungue in cheek idea that I love it! And it’s cheap! I mean, how much does a bag of plastic soldiers cost? Great idea from Jac o’lyn Murphy’s great blog

And last but by no means least…

Brought to us by Helping Little Hands. You can find all the details here-

I LOVE the twig and tiny felt heart decorations too.

Please head over to these blogs, they are wonderful and so full of great ideas and inspiration!

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