Chicken Tuesday!

My Mother (my brother and I call her ‘Mam’, as we’re geordies by birth) has chickens… Like many thousands of other suckers in the UK she has fallen for the little feathered folk. They are her babies, along with her two Wiemeraners and three Egyptian Maus.

Now, I’ll be honest. I almost caught the bug. Until OH reminded me that there are no such things and chickenries like there are catteries so what would be done come bi-annual holiday time? I lost the bug exceptionally soon after that.

Mam has, since last August, lost two of her chooks. One went careening straight into the jaws of the dog after said dog gave her a terrible fright and she managed to escape her pen. The second chicken to go died quite recently as the weather turned chill and the poor girl didn’t have enough fat on her to cope. Note here from our experience; if you want to buy in young chikens to keep as pets, buy them in nice and early (around Easter perhaps as it’s quite poetic; chickies at easter…) and fatten them up through the summer and autumn so by January/February frosts the poor little things will have a much better chance.

Here’s a very early picture of the original girls- 1 full Dorking bantam, 1 Dorking x Rhode Island bantam and 2 Rhode Island Red bantams. One of the RIR banties came to us shortly after the departure of 1 tiny black something-or-other that apparently would have gone on to lay greenish eggs…

The little black one my Dad had named Clarise, after Clarise Starling from the Hannibal Lecture movies and as she was black and looked like a little starling, was the poor thing that ran into the jaws of death or Kim the Wiemeraner’s mouth, putting it in a more affectionate term.

I’m sure I’ll add other short posts into a Chicken-based category at a later date and hope you find them enjoyable…


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