Valentines Retreat.

I have a very travel-savvy partner. I’m lucky. He doesn’t freak out about travelling like I seem to. Well, to be honest, he doesn’t freak out about any of the things I seem to.

As we were replacing our kitchen last August, we couldn’t afford the time to travel abroad, having to fit around OH’s leave and fitting the kitchen. We were running about all over the place with things for the house and I had a hissy-fit one night about the RIDICULOUS time it would take to get from Gatwick to Rome, via Russia by the bloody sounds of it. For some reason the airline didn’t have direct flights at the times and dates we wanted them and me being me, refused to go to Rome.

OH likes his holidays. A lot. He didn’t let it stand and we finally decided yes, we’d go somewhere but in the UK. The only way I was going was if I didn’t have to organise it.

‘Surprise me.’ I said. So he did. Bath.

We took the train so I packed a small bag and put my comfy jeans and a slouchy american flag top on. Remember that.

We hopped off the train and preceded to get slightly lost in Bath city centre, which is one of the most beautiful Cities I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting I must say, having grown up around the stunning city of York that’s saying something. After using my trusty Blackberry and it’s smashing Googlemaps we found the right address.

The Royal Cresent Hotel & Spa.

Stepping up the beautiful soft-yellow stone steps to the large and stately front door we were met by a rather smart looking porter. I didn’t have any bags to give him so he took us to the Formal Lounge. Yes, Formal Lounge.

Looking around at the antique furniture and exquisite artworks dating back hundreds of years my heart started to jump. Here I sat, at my surprise weekend away venue, in I-kid-you-not ripped knee bleached jeans and an american flag tee. When the hotel manager came to meet us I thought they had suspected foul-play and were about to chuck us commoners out. Thankfully not, after a surprised once over that was very professionally concealed by the wonderful manager, we were shown to our room on the ground floor which had apparently been upgraded for us. Mortified by my fashion faux-pas we dropped our bags and sat down at our small table for a glass of white wine which had been left in our room for our arrival.

The room was stunning, as was the dining room; sumptuously decorated and very comfotable, with a huge dose of the ‘wow’ factor thrown in. Now, I like nice things but this place for someone like me, is a little daunting. There is Money here. Like Old Money. People are so rich they smell of money in this place, which made me a little uncomfortable. If you can get over that and act the part, which I did eventually, you’ll enjoy every second.

The Spa was our first stop; out in the gardens of the hotel beside the resturant.

Having never been to a spa before but really wishing I’d had an excuse to, I was pleasantly surprised. The luxurious changing facilities gave way to the most beautiful pool and was, to both of our surprise, completely deserted. Heaven.

OH had booked a couples massage for the next morning so we took our time in the steam, sauna, jacuzzi and pool.

That night we went to the onsite resturant.

Our food was superb and beautifully presented although I did feel the tone was a little too quiet and the light a bit too bright. We also had breakfast there both mornings of our stay, one buffet style, one cooked. The picture above shows tables set for breakfast.

The Cresent Hotel’s resturant have a Valentines menu and I must say, this place would be the most incredible couple of days away for this romantic time. We would both highly reccomend the full massage and aromatherapy session too. OH was taken to his treatment room after I had gone and was waiting for me out on the balcony, wrapped in a fluffy white towel with a green tea on my return from the most relaxing experience of my life. Honestly, I didn’t want it to end. It was definitely the joint highlight of our stay.

Treatments usually have to be booked with your room before you arrive just to make sure they can fit you in.

All in all, a wonderful experience as Bath City is an incredible place for shopping as well as eating and drinking out. We visited Bath Abbey and The Roman Baths and found both places reasonably priced on entrance and a great way to sample a bit of much loved history.


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