Spare Room Decor

Jethro and I are sat in the spare room in the only true amount of sunshine this house gets. The spare room is actually my favourite in the whole house. It has an en-suite which, considering the master bedroom doesn’t have one, is a bit of a luxury and oddity at the same time. It is a fairly dinky little room in comparison to the nice big rooms and open plan feel of the rest of the house but I don’t mind. It is probably the only room I feel is mine.

OH completely owns the front room/dining room (his by design), the kitchen was my brainchild and the new large bathroom downstairs (remember we’re in a little mid terrace) is my design but completely His. So I feel I’m owed a room. He can have the master bedroom, as long as I get the spare and the en-suite to go with. That way, we’re even. Three all.

So I’m considering decor for my little room. The bathroom en-suite will have to wait until we have the cash along with all new carpets upstairs after all of the upstairs ceilings are skimmed smooth. OH hates Artex patterns. I felt there were more important things to spend money on but alas, he proved his point when we had ceilings skimmed downstairs. By golly it makes the rooms seem SO much bigger. So, my little bathroom will have to wait. But I am still considering spare room furniture and decor. Unfortunately, looking for furniture so early means if I fall for anything I have to wait to buy it. It pushes all my ‘quick buy it now before it runs out/sells out/gets retired etc’ buttons. So I’m being really good.

This is what I’ve fallen in  love with so far…

The ISALA range at the wonderful Swedish giants IKEA… Here, the cabinet.

And the laptop table. I can’t decide if I’d rather have this (above) or this (below)…

The sideboard to go with…

And yes, they are two slightly different colours. One heather grey and the other a lilac. They fit together well so I’m quite keen to see the two together in my spare room although I do not have space enough for the three (or so OH will tell me.) We do have bedroom furniture but all of our things do not fit so the cabinet and the side board in the spare room/dressing room would be a welcome storage addition.

I’ve also found some other things…

I’m really going to have to have fitted shelving as well…

All of these itms can be found online at H&M Home, Wilkinsons, IKEA, Achica, Not On The High Street and Amazon.



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