Newest TV Series…

So, I love a good American TV series and missed The Walking Dead when Channel 5 first released it last year. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one. Channel 5, being the most viewer-forward channel I’ve ever known on freeview caught on and in the run-up to the release of the second series (due to start this week I think) they have been showing it again.

I missed it. Again. So we bought the fairly short series on dvd so we could ‘cram-catch-up’ whenever we wanted. So today we have.

I may have a morbid mind but I am completely intrigued by ‘the end of civilisation as we know it’ kinda films; the Day After Tomorrow concept being among one of my faves. It’s not an overwhelming script and the premise has been done before but I like the fact that with that story, there was real hope of a fresh start when the end credits rolled.

Maybe not so much with The Walking Dead, or not as yet anyway, as I’m only a few episodes in. Here, we get thrown straight in to the ‘Fever/Zombie’ scenario and me being me, make a few obviously well educated comments on ‘Look after the horse DAMMIT, he doesn’t run on Diesel!’ and ‘I wouldn’t waste my bullets on mercy killings…’

Here we meet ‘just a man, looking for his wife and son’ and the tiny pockets of survivors he meets along the way. We see panic and skeptism. Trust and heartbrake.

I think on this. I consider the main character’s choices. I try to make mine. Would I be as cool in the face of certain death as I appear to be right now, sitting in my favourite chair with a coffee and my cat, considering it? Could I kill the people I used to love in mercy? Would I run? Would I be alone? Would I search out a better place or make the place I have safe? How would I feed myself? How would I get around (not by car it seems as my reaction to the horse dictates)…

I have had a book on my wishlist for a while now- When All Hell Breaks Loose by Cody Lundin. Maybe I might satisfy that morbid curiosity that I know all humans have by buying it and finding out what to do ‘When All Hell Breaks Loose’…


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