Lasik eye surgery.

Today we journied to Southampton for my extremely nervous Other Half’s Lasik lazer eye surgery. He’s wanted to lose the glasses ever since we got together nearly five years ago and this year he bit the bullet and did it. He didn’t sleep last night and had a very nervous morning and subsequent train ride to Southampton.

My gosh he’s brave, although the thought of the surgery is far worse than the actual procedure, this taking around 35-45 seconds in total. In total. Then, perfect vision for the rest of his life. Cool huh?

The train ride home was just as emotional and a little more painful. The sensation of sand-in-your-eyes-after-rolling-down-a sand-dune-halfway-through-a-long-bing-drinking-session comes to mind but I can’t be 100% accurate as it was OH’s eyes and not mine.

Pain killers, three different types of eye drops and a 3 hour siesta later and he’s feeling grand; marvelling at his brand new sight and now watching re-runs of QI without any glasses.

I would urge anyone considering this incredible form of elective surgery to brave it out. I can already see the possibilities for OH and his excitment is palpable.


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