We don’t have a lot of space behind our house and the garden is definately a hand-me-down design from the previous owners of our home. They have concreted 40% of it and thrown awful (what used to be) pink and yellow concrete-fake-stone hexagonal paving slabs over that. The rest, or at least most of the rest of the ‘garden’ is covered in shingle. URGH.

I do not like our garden. The only piece I enjoy looking at is the cattery and variegated Bamboo which sits next to it. The Bamboo is over-ruly and the cattery was the one installation in the garden I did with the help of my parents so Jethro can throw himself around in the fresh air and not A. Eat anything poisonous, B. Chase anything that can and will fight back, C. Get hit by a car, D. Get stolen (we live in an area where this kind of comment isn’t laughed at but taken quite seriously, I will eventually tell you about the bike-incident) or E. Eat anything poisonous (did I already say that? Well, he does like to eat ANYTHING green).

So today, the small strip of actual soil that can truly be called garden was sown with a number of seeds for various plants. I will list below;

Ornamental Corn- a great lime green, cream and pink stripe leafed variation that will sit at the back of the border.

Alongside this (maybe a little oddly placed now I type-it-out-loud) is a lovely small flowered (or will be, when it has germinated and grown) pale purple/white flowered clematis, which will creep up the trellis and into the passionflower that grows along the top of the wall.

In front of that we have sown Red Hot Pokers…

which we’re hoping will turn out half as nice as these.

Artichokes (the stately globe-kind)…


and Globe Thistles (one of my Dad’s faves and apparently one of the bee’s too.)

I really wanted structure and contrast so we went for structure with a fair few of the plants and stuck to clashing Hot and Cold colours of Orange/Red and Purple/Blue with a few ‘downlights’ of velvety black and ‘highlights’ of silvery foliage.

We’ve also sown…

Stock Night Scented.

and Salvia…

alongside THREE different types of poppy.

Paeony Black…

Mother of Pearl (shown below) and a Shirley Double type in our warm colours again…

In the mix there somewhere (we’re actually not sure where exactly) is a small patch of Amaranthus- Love Lies Bleeding…

with a smattering of velvety BlackJack Pansies…

to sit next to my pink Hydranger for another bout of colour contrast. Hmm, what else?

A nice bit of ground cover from some cheeky little Aubretia. We also threw around some Garlic Chives, Chives, Corriander and Basil for some quick herbs. I think that’s about it. Apart from my own Hydranger, a small gooseberry bush and some last-year’s success stories of transplanted Lemon Balm and ariel-rooted Loganberry vines my lovely neighbour has bequeethed me with, I have no original plants to work with other than a couple of hooligans. The roses I can’t quite pull out will have to wait (they are completely wild and in terrible shape having not been loved for the years they were left before we got here) the variagated Bamboo, which is getting a tad too big for it’s boots by sending out runners into the gravel part of the garden, is staying as I love grasses and the structure gives us some privacy.

Like I said, we have sown these plants in the hope some of them at least germinate and cover our soil with colour and form. I do not have any particular style going on here other than colour and form. Some will take, some will not. Some I will move around, some will become the success stories we dig out to take with us to any future home. I don’t know. I’m new to this and I don’t have money to throw at it.

What I do know is I have an eye for design, colour and form and I care very much for growing/living things. Hopefully this morning’s work will make me love my garden more and not just wish I was somewhere else when I am in it.



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