Busy Bodies.

There’s always someone who thinks they know better. Like they’ve lived your EXACT life, know the best way to live it and that you are definately doing it wrong. They don’t give gentle advice at the point you need it, they hammer you with THEIR opinions as if it is absolute fact when ever they get the chance.

You find them every where; the nosy, overly helpful and insanely sweet old neighbour who pokes her nose through the fence to ask if you excersise your pets enough and who parks her horrific old banger of a car directly outside your front door as her husbands’ car is in their spot, the boss who still lived with his parents at thirty six and thought he new better just because he shouted his opinions louder than you, the uncle who thinks he knows better cause he was a police officer and ‘head’ of the house, the grandmother, well, they always know better… You find them every where.

You live with them quite happily most of the time but then one comment hits you right in a soft spot or that one comment is one comment too much.

And sometimes you just need to rant about it a little so you don’t end up saying something rude to shut them up…



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