Guilty Pleasures Pt II.

I’ve had an honest think about what else I consider a ‘guilty pleasure’ and will continue the list I started a few weeks ago although really, this is probably just a list of true ‘likes’ of which I don’t feel guilty at all.

Magazines and books. I can’t help myself. I have gardening books, jewellery design books, dog breed and dog training books (I will admit here I own less cat-themed reading) Home decor magazines, wedding mags (no, no upcoming nuptials, just a love of pretties), travel books (a new thing for me) craft books, philosophy books, fiction (you all know my addiction to fiction) and pretty much everything in between! I ❤ books…

Eating and drinking al fresco. I love being out in the garden. I’m not usually so sun-worshippy as I used to burn easily. For some reason this is not the case this year and my tolerance to heat has risen, much to my delight. So any time I can be out in the garden, I will be. Especially with a glass of wine. Pub grub whilst sitting out under a parasol (usually only on holidays but hey) and a ice cold bottle of lager…

Olives. Aw man I could eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve rediscovered them this summer and am trying to put them on everything, much to OH’s distress. Just a classic Caesar salad with feta and olives instead of Parmesan shavings, try it! Crushed with feta and sweet peppers as a topping for pork chops…

I went home for the Jubilee weekend (‘home’ here being where me and OH grew up, a little village outside of York) to visit parents and pick up some more of my stuff from their attic. I collected two HUGE bags of Ty Beanie Babies. Hell yeah.

I am such a Rock Star.

Oh my god I forgot how much I adore those things. The Bears that you just HAVE to collect. The one’s you HAVE to have. The one’s with the cutest faces and the most charming fur colours. Remember, I am 25 this September so this is probably one of my most guilty pleasures. I realised I have more bears than I picked up that weekend and have recruited my folks to find the remaining bags in their attic. I probably have well over 300. The one’s I picked up are PRISTINE. PERFECT. Tags protected and all safe in clean, thick plastic bags. They were (and have now become again) my pride and joy. The guilty secret here is once I saw them all, remembered where I bought each one (with my parents at beanie fairs, on holidays to Orlando, at the local toy store before it shut down…) I caught the bug again. Hiding it from OH, I went on (my go-to place for EVERY online purchase) and started searching for more; new styles and old ones I never managed to get. Unfortunately I bought many when the craze was still strong and spent a small fortune along the way but now I am happy to announce, my new found addiction is a cheap as chips. I bought 2004 Signature Bear after I fell in love with his gold nose. I couldn’t help myself. I’ve hidden the purchase from OH and hope it arrives on one of my days off… 😉

IKEA ‘shopping’ days with my Mum. I have to admit I never need anything when I go shopping with Mum but I always buy something. And we always have either a full-english (if we get their for opening time) or a hot dinner. I love this place. Breakfast is about two quid a person with re-fillable coffee (surprisingly good coffee) on an IKEA Family card and me and Mother have been known to get to IKEA so early we have to wait for the doors to open. We have also been known to race through the store ‘short-cuts’ not even looking at any form of product, flapping through the store, even pushing toddlers out the way, just to get to the dining hall… Hmm… Crazy… But then, me and my Mother have a fair few quirks…



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