About us- jethroandme

Here’s Jethro…

And here’s me…

Pretty good looking pair aren’t we?

We live together with my Other Half, opposite an old people’s home. Jethro does love watching those old folks…  😉

We do pretty much everything together (Jethro and I, not the old people) and sometimes pretty funny things occur in the process.

Together we like crafts, art, tuna, reading, watching american tv shows, shouting, yoga, cooking, biting peoples toes, baking, painting, drawing, hanging off doorframes, home wears, old people in the snow, churches and cathedrals, dogs, eating out- especially chinese, indian, thai and steak; sitting in the garden, decorating, licking people’s hair, reading, holidays, writing, being messy, and sleeping…

Did we forget anything?


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