Being a Grown-Up

Sometimes, being a Grown-Up sucks. Expectations. Bills. Work. Bills. Houses, meaning mortgages. Food, meaning supermarkets. Bills. Responsibility. More expectations and did I mention Bills?

There are a few good things about being a Grown-Up that makes it all worthwhile, the biggest and best is FREEDOM. Okay, you have to work but you can choose what and where to do that. We chose what size T.V. we wanted (and later cursed it for not being big enough) we chose our own kitchen and bathroom suit. We choose where we go on holiday. We chose where to live. We picked our house.

We do have two full sets of parents between us that have offered their own advice and wisdom but at the end of the day, it’s on us. Got a mortgage you can’t handle, sorry kid, that’s freedom for ya.

I used to dispair sometimes at some of the people I worked with. I’ve always got along with much older folks than myself you see and listening to the same old “I got SOOOO smashed last night” stories from fellow twenty-somethings got tedious extremely fast. Even worse when those stories came from over-twenty-somethings and over-thirty-somethings-too. I find I have very little in common with the average twenty-four year old. Or at least the average twenty-four year old retail worker. I do intend to fix this. This year I’m applying for a PGCE and will get out of reatil as soon as I’m fully trained. I want to teach in a Primary School.

But anyway, back to FREEDOM. This week we’ve done a lot of big-deal things that we just seem to take in our stride. Lasik eye surgery, upgrading banking, reading through our life insurance policy… And hopefully, buying a car.

Have I mentioned before that we haven’t owned a car since moving to the South Coast? We’ve been here three years. Now is time. We just want something small and nippy- a Peugeot 206, a Fiat Punto, a Vauxhall Corsa, a Renault Clio… Nothing too fancy. With this new found freedom we want to visit family on the fly; without booking weeks of holiday off or renting expensive cars. We want to throw a two man tent in the boot and go camping for a few days where ever we end up. We want to tour the pubs of Hampshire on the weekends. We want to visit places like the zoo or national trust houses (I like old buildings, OH likes history) We want to go to France on the ferry (I know, I’ve never been but this will be fixed)

This we shall have as soon as we have encompassed the epitome of freedom that is being a car owner into our lives. See, sometimes being a Grown-Up doesn’t suck at all.