Gardening again…

This year is the year we make the most of the garden I always complained we didn’t have.

We have the huge BBQ fit for thirty. We have the cattery fit for three cats and we only have Jethro. We have ripped out all the old crap and top-soiled the single, small-garden-long bed ready for planting. We have raked the shingle covering most of the floor out there and de-weeded the awful (and I mean AWFUL) hexagonal patio stones in pink and yellow (who chooses PINK and YELLOW?) that cover anything else flat out there.

I would love to (and here I mean I dream about the day when I can…) rake up, bag and bin the shingle, cover it with the most awesome and realistic artificial turf around and smack wooden deck over the horrid patio stones (cause, even though they’re shocking they’re damn solid and perfectly flat!)

But, until I save enough pennies to do this I’ll have to make do. Today, we went and bought three, tall, charcoal, square, tapering planters and mozied onto the next place where we were much more enamoured with the range of greenery for sale. We bought ourselves an olive tree (only two foot tall), a beautiful bright-red leafed Acer (Japanese Maple) and a kind of lovely flat leafed grassy thing which was slightly pink and had the word ‘Flamingo’ in it’s name. Excellent. So, about one hundred pounds lighter, we returned home with our spoils.

Yesterday, we did pretty much the same thing, minus the planters and olive tree but still spending about forty quid on plants! This included a lovely Hosta (a favourite of mine alongside the Japanese Maple we know own) and some beautiful, low growing, heart-shaped leafed, silvery thing I shall add a picture of…

Oh and before this we also purchased a couple of another fave of mine, Ranunculus and some more bedding type flowers for colour to go alongside more favourites; a gorgeous pink Hydrangea, some Lavender, Thyme and a Rosemary plant. All pictures will be included.

IMG_20130426_165707 IMG_20130426_164622 IMG_20130426_164728 IMG_20130426_165046 IMG_20130426_165153 IMG_20130426_165243 IMG_20130426_165338 IMG_20130426_165510 IMG_20130426_165752 IMG_20130426_165922 IMG_20130426_170023


Bucket list…

This is kind of an American concept I think, at least the name is; the ‘Do Before I Die’ list has been around for a long, long time. I’m just getting to the stage in my life when I want to do amazing things that I had either dismissed or never even considered before now.

Here are a few…lantern valentine car¬† body paradise thai butterbeer chanel dance canyon vegas 1 class sistine yacht kissing lotto1 taxi book2 NY times square tiffany liberty cuddles hotel tattoo tower ikea cali polish shirt owl Hogwarts2 pisa balloons fmae book paper spa limo heels hair pink soldier Roadtrip 1 Platform Hogwarts Puppy Photo US states Glitter NY live NY Kiss NY Xmashappily ever after

You know, just a few things… There are many more.

In the Garden- an update.

Things have started to go a little wiry and crazy in the garden. The weather Gods have been Divas for the past month and from January style rain to the 26 degrees centigrade it is now is a turn around to say the least. My Sun-Dance seems to have worked for the time being at least.

The abnormally mild start to the gardening year was welcomed in in April and plants started flowering around mid March. Early, I know. When the weather turned in May and it got cold the poor petals wilted and the plants just died back. Depressing. Well now the weather has settled (thank the Gods) the garden is starting to get into it’s rhythm. I’ve attached a few Macro Pics of the more colourful bits (there is, unfortunately, still too much bare ground in between these parcels of petals to bother with large scale photos)

If I can get these things to grow, you should be trying too! Good luck ūüėČ


Shoe Love.

I haven’t been able to buy shoes in a long time. This is primarily¬†because I can’t afford the habit but also because I have no where to go in amazing, beautiful, potenitally dangerous footwear.

Skinny indigo jeans, a white tee, black 3/4 length sleeved blazer and whatever amazing footwear I can handle…

I have recently found Lightinthebox. I wish I hadn’t.

This is why…

So this is why I love shoes…

A little bit of SPARKLE…

As a fully qualified jewellery designer/maker I have to say, I’m a bit of a magpie. In fact, it’s an inherited trait from my Mother. I didn’t set out to be a designer, or at least a jewellery designer¬†but looking back now, it seems a pretty obvious choice for me to have gone for.

I love design. I love fine things. I love handmade and I love machine made. Both have a place in my heart. I work with tools and my hands but the thrill of seeing a design take shape under a machine’s influence… It’s kinda surreal. I’ve worked with 200 hp industrial lathes. I’ve worked with the most beautiful green painted small workshop kind. I’ve hand cast items in pewter and I’ve seen machines cast my ideas in silver. There’s something about mass production that can be cheap and tacky and something else that comes from incredible design and real attitude.

These brooches (including some stunners from Butler & Wilson) are just that. Attitude. Although there is a fine line; too much attitude and it’s just plain old tacky. Plain black or navy blazer, nude coloured shift dress, black trousers and a crisp white shirt, on bags, scarves, lapels, jeans pockets, anywhere you can put a statement piece¬†like this¬†has to be low key. And it just has to be done.

Why don’t you make up your own minds…


And my two personal favourites..