Kitchen Decor.

Now I really didn’t struggle when I chose my kitchen units last summer. That wonderful big blue box on the horizon that is Ikea was my first and last choice. Other Half loves the fact that every design and decor idea so far has led our home into ‘Bachelor Pad’ mode. We love it. I wouldn’t change it. Black furniture that shows every golden Bengal cat hair (thanks Jethro) pale wood flooring that shows every black Labrador dog hair (Ta, Milly) and white walls that makes our home look like an art gallery.

So my kitchen had to be glossy black, simple as hell, no frills, no molding, no pattern and no pomp. I actually adore it; big steel fridge, black glossy units, pale wood worktops and ash flooring. Gadgets. Seven-bottle wine fridge (which is funnily enough NEVER full) glossy black eco dishwasher, steel fronted oven and ceramic hob (yes, I do now wish I went for induction but a certain someone talked us out of it…) stainless steel accessories every where you turn- grills on the wall to hang utensils, not one but TWO different coffee machines, toaster, kettle, George Forman (I will eventually tell you what the family call that) and now the edition of Le Creuset cast iron in every other bright colour (I will not colour match these things as I get bored quickly and they don’t break fast enough to replace when I do…)

Any who, today I needed a shot of accessories and frankly, a tidy up around the house. I had to share a couple of new purchases too…

Jethro (for those new to the blog, my Bengal cat) likes to chew placemats and coasters. Unfortunately that means our lovely black faux-leather placemats have the corners completely chewed off. So today I found a great replacement that fits in with the ‘Bachelor Pad’ theme running through our two-bed terrace but slyly bringing in a bit or a girly twist 😉

And to make up to OH at the complete girly-ness of the shape of the placemats I bought him a present too.

We intend to road-trip down Route 66 in the next couple of years and OH had the fab idea of putting up a photo-wall of our travels. This is going to be the centre piece…

He wasn’t half pleased! 🙂